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Products marked as: Catalysis Application

Whilst there are many examples of catalyst-driven reactions the basic requirements of a reaction vessel are often the same. We manufacture systems for catalyst screening including a Robinson Mahoney type vessel with a static catalyst basket (we also make a wide range of other baskets). For performing several reactions at the same time we have the Parallel Pressure Reactor (PPR) which is a highly automated set of 6 vessels ideal for process development where pressure, temperature, reactants and catalysts can be studied.

Once the catalyst has been determined the design of the vessel is of course essential in order to achieve efficient and problem-free conversion. We are experienced in producing these systems, whether for the Lab, Pilot plant or Production facility and can tailor them accordingly to your specifications.

Some relevant features of our catalytic batch reactors include: powerful mixing including the use of gas entrainment turbines, baffles, heterogeneous catalyst baskets, jacketed and pressure-rated addition burettes for catalyst slurries or quenches, gas sparging pipes, powerful temperature control, automated gas dosage systems which enable live gas uptake without the need for stopping the reaction, construction from glass or various metals including stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Tantalum, Gold etc.  For downstream processing we offer pressure filtration assemblies and product receivers.