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High Temperature (>250°C)

Products marked as: High Temperature (>250°C) Application

The standard upper design temperature for our glass and metal reactors is 200°C and 250°C respectively. For the metal reactors we are able to modify various components resulting in our 'High Temperature' systems capable of 350°C. Actually we can go higher still on request but we would need to take into account pressure and volume requirements.

For systems up to 5L the Limbo range can be operated at 350°C and 350 bar. Above 5L and up to several 100 litres we offer the Pilotclave which is essentially an individually designed reactor or series of reactors which can be mobile or mounted within a frame.

Heating is either enabled with electric cables(coupled with a cooling coil) or by sending heated oil to the vessel jacket from an appropriately matched heater/chiller which we also can supply.   If you see a system but the temperature rating is not high enough please call us.