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R-Evolve Tilting Filter Dryer – see it at Achema

Filter Dryer

Tilting Filter Dryer

The R-EVOLVE TILTING PFD is a machine of innovative design that has all the characteristics to set the standard in the demanding market of Pressure Drying Filters.  Unlike other Drier Filters on the market, which represent mere evolutions of old-fashioned machines, the R-EVOLVE PFD is a machine that was conceived from the beginning in an innovative way to solve all of the considerable intrinsic problems of traditional machines. To start with, it is a machine that guarantees an almost complete discharge of the product, therefore solving a notorious weakness of the traditional machine. It allows for a better handling of the product, which results in a higher product quality  compared to products processed in  traditional machines. It also offers the guarantee of a CIP washing  that can only be defined as perfect. Our special technology also allows us to avoid the presence of the dust filter, mandatory on traditional machines. This helps to reduce the already low maintenance operations and consequent plant downtime, with positive effects on productivity and operating costs of the line.

It is used to filter and dry products, in the most demanding process and environmental conditions, excelling in High Potency and Sterile situations where it can offer safety guarantees for operators and the environment to  the highest level.


Date posted: 06-06-2018