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Gas Dosing

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The latest Buchi Pressflow Controller (BPC2) is designed to volumetrically charge in one of a number of gases into your reaction system. Whilst the pressure in the reactor is maintained it continuously logs the consumed gas. The system has been supplied for several decades and has become the industry standard for hydrogenation.

In 2014 the BPC was improved further resulting in a highly accurate and safe instrument with touch-screen operation, data display and the useful ability to transfer data easily to PC or memory stick.

The BPC2 now offers an additional control mode which means a constant flow of gas can be set which is useful for gas-evolving reactions where maintaining a constant vessel pressure is not always useful.

ATEX versions are available. Gas flow rates: 0.3....80 l/min. Gas dosing pressure: 0.5....400 bar.We would always recommend the BPC2 for gas dosing because of its accuracy across a wide range of pressures.; there are situations, however, when a much simpler Mass Flow sensor is all that is needed  (or perhaps the gas is one not compatible with the BPC2) and in this case we can provide these also - please call.