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Pressure Vessels

A wide range of reactor systems for safely operating pressurised processes. From 10 ml to 300 l, -1….400bar and from sub-zero to 400°C, manufactured using glass and stainless steel or other corrosion resistant materials, we have a system to match your requirements. All our pressure vessels are expertly designed and manufactured in Switzerland by Büchi Glass Uster using high quality materials and to European safety standards.


Small Scale Pressure Vessels

Compact glass, and stainless steel pressure vessels under 300ml in volume.

Medium Scale Pressure Vessels

A range of seven quality systems covering the volume range 300ml to 20L.

Large Scale Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessel systems for greater than 20L in volume, often custom made.

Parallel Reactor Systems

A series of pressure reactors with varying levels of automation.

Magnetic Stirrer Drives

Hermetically sealed shaft sealing with integral or separate motor drives.

Pressure Vessel Accessories

An ever growing range of accessories for your pressure system.