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A complete range of reactor vessels and associated equipment Glass pressure vessels, rated to 12 bar,from 10ml to 5 litres, interchangeable with stainless steel vessels. Multi purpose Chem Reactors in glass and glass lined steel for pilot plant and scale up, complete with distillation overheads Vacuum dryers, including vacuum drying ovens, rotating dryers and pulverising dryers

From a 10 ml glass pressure vessel to a 250 litre pilot plant. We can supply individual items or can design and supply a complete package complete with temperature control, automation and calorimetry.  We work with a number of suppliers, but have been a distributor of Büchi Glass Uster products for over 30 years.

Buchi Glass Uster

Please contact us if you cannot see exactly what you need on our website. We provide a very wide range of equipment, much of it custom made so just because it is not mentioned here, does not mean that we cannot help.

Telephone us on: +44 (0)1227 710274



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