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Products marked as: Kilolab Application

Our wide range of stirred glass reactors and metal pressure systems offer many solutions for the kilo scale lab. For example, the Minipilot is ideal for volumes from 15-20L, is ATEX approved and is a very robust piece of kit able to withstand heavy usage. The Minipilot is a simpler version of our Chemreactor range and so the transition from Kilo to Production scale is easier.

For working at pressure the Kiloclave is a brilliantly designed system which can be fitted with a range of interchangeable vessels from 500ml to 20L. When coupled with the BPC2 gas dosing system, hollow stirrer shaft and turbine for gas entrainment the Kiloclave is a very efficient hydrogenation reactor for example (other gases possible). We also supply excellent wiped film distillation mini-plants for the Kilo scale. Downstream processing for both glass and metal systems is made easy with our range of filters and filter driers.