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Pressure Vessel Accessories

There is an ever growing range of accessories for your pressure system some of which are listed here. Please call us if you need something not on the list:

  • Glass pressure burette
  • Feed vessel
  • Adaptor for solids-charging via a funnel
  • Pressure Distillation system
  • Bottom outlet valves (BOV) with integral filter
  • BOV with heating jacket
  • BOV with rising stem
  • Gas entrainment shaft (eg for hydrogenation)
  • Catalyst baskets
  • Sampling system
  • Heat exchanger
  • Reflux condenser
  • Stirrer baffles
  • Gas dosing system – the Buchi PRESSFLOW CONTROLLER (BPC)
  • pH Probe
  • Adaptors for various probes
  • Sparge pipes
  • Software for data aquisition and graphic display – BLS2
  • Heater/Chillers
  • Spill Tank
  • Pressure Filters
  • Pressure relief springs
  • Stirrer shapes – gas entraining turbines, helicoil, anchor, impeller, blade, propeller etc

Pressure Distillation

A complete overhead distillation system


Pressure Filters

Safely filter the pressure vessel contents & minimise product exposure


Stirrers for Pressure Vessels

Stirrers for pressure vessels

stirrers for pressure vessels

Catalyst Baskets

Catalyst baskets


pH Probe

A specially designed pH measuring system


Spill Tank

Spill tank - a simple one-piece stainless steel vessel not pressure rated


BPC2 Gas Dosing System for Hydrogenation

Safe and simple control of hydrogenation

BPC2 gas control unit for hydrogenation

Heater Chillers for Reactor Control

Oil baths for controlling the temperature of a jacketed reactor