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BLS2 Data Logging Software

The BLS2 is a robust PC-based software is used for  data acquisition, graphic display and control of up to 16 parameters.

The data is in ASCII format for easy transfer to different reporting software applications such as Excel and Origin.

The following instruments can be connected: pH probe, Buchi Multi channel display/control (BDS MC), Buchi temperature controller as supplied with electrically heated vessels (BTC), Gas dosage controller (BPC), Stirrer drives (Cyclone 300 and above), Thermostats such as Huber, Julabo, Lauda etc .

Example application: A popular use of the software is for the monitoring and control of hydrogenations where hydrogen uptake, jacket and vessel contents temperature, vessel pressure and stirrer speed can be displayed in real time. The resulting reaction profile is very useful for process  development as well as providing much needed data for scale-up.