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CR15-K Glass and Glass Lined Steel Jacketed Reactor

The CR15-K is a glass lined steel and glass reactor 15 litres, with distillation overhead, designed to fit in a walk-in fume cupboard.

Glass lined steel bottom heating section, insulated and clad in stainless steel, rated to 10 bar to allow use with steam or an oil based temperature control system.

Complete system PED rated and ATEX rated to zone 1 as standard, zone 0 an option.

Glass lined steel agitator suitable for good mixing of high and low viscosity liquids and low minimum stirred volume (1 litre).

Zero dead volume bottom outlet valve, rising mushroom design.

Rated for full vacuum and +0.5 bar.  -60°C to +200°C.

FDA approved materials of construction.

Glass superstructure constructed from Buchiflex flexible glass joints to give flexibility and allow components to be changed easily.

Feed vessel, two receivers, condenser and phase separator for azeotropic separation.

Option to have winch to lower vessel base to the ground.  Other options include, gas inlet tube, cleaning in place sprayball, solids charging port, sampling system, pH measurement, data logging and automation.