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BPC2 Gas Dosing System for Hydrogenation

The Buchi Pressflow Controller (BPC)  is a robust, highly accurate, safe and proven gas delivery system that can already be found in a wide range of industries throughout UK and Ireland.

Gases such as Hydrogen, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide, Ethylene, Propylene and Carbon Monoxide can be volumetrically metered into the reaction vessel over a wide range of pressures and dosing rates.

Hydrogenation reactions are to be found in a wide range of industries and the BPC is an invaluable tool for Process Design as well as Pilot Plant scale production.

Safety is built into the BPC and this includes an internal leak detector, excess flow rate sensor and total uptake limiter. These features and others are why the BPC has already been accepted by Safety departments in all the major pharmaceutical companies.

The BPC2 is now available which has even greater accuracy and also an integral touch-screen for operation and data display. The BPC2 now offers an additional control mode which means a constant flow of gas can be set which is useful for gas-evolving reactions where maintaining a constant vessel pressure is not always desirable.

ATEX versions are available.

Gas flow rates: 0.3….80 l/min.

Gas dosing pressure: 0.5….400 bar