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Glass Nutsche Filter

The borosilicate glass/PTFE/ETFE Nutsche filter is very useful for filtrations using acidic media. The operating pressure is 0.5 bar and so vacuum is used to speed up filtration. The perforated filter plate is constructed from glass reinforced PTFE, the cover is ETFE coated steel and ETFE or PTFE cloth is used for the filter membrane itself.

The filter cake can be discharged by simply pivoting the glass cylinder with the perforated filter plate. The design of the filter plate has reduced the dead volume under the filter meaning these filters are especially useful for solid phase synthesis. Nutsche filters mounted on wheels can be transported to wherever they are required. All systems are ATEX rated as standard for use with flammable solvents and manufactured according to PED (European Pressure Equipment Directive).

Options include: Kamlock connections, winch, stirring, heating jacket.

Sizes available from 10 litres to 200 litres.