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Parallel Pressure Reactor

The PPR is the result of a joint collaboration between two excellent Swiss companies resulting in a system with quality engineering from Buchi and proven automation expertise from Systag.

The system comprises of up to 6 pressure reactors which can be controlled individually or together either by a pre-programmed recipe or on an individual step-by-step basis – very useful if the process is not well defined. Even on recipe-control, the steps can be tailored whilst running.

One of the great features of this system is the easy-to-use interface which has been designed with the help of process chemists. Each reactor is represented by easy to understand graphics, much like you would find in the Pilot or Production plant. The software displays pressure, temperature, gas flow, gas consumption, liquid dosing, stirrer speed and safety limits. Process steps that can be automated include: inertisation, gas flow, purging, constant pressure, sampling and liquid dosing.

Each stainless steel reactor is supplied ready to use complete with fast-action closure, pressure transducer, rupture disc, PT100 temperature probe, mass flow controller and a selection of manual and automated valves. Stainless steel parts can also be made from a range of alternative materials including Tantalum, Hastelloy and PTFE.

Please note that some of the above specifications can be exceeded upon request.