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Products marked as: Crystallisation Application

Crystallisation is a method of separation used in a wide range of industries in order to manufacture, for example, Biological, Pharmaceutical and Nano materials. Nucleation and subsequent crystal formation in a supersaturated solution can be brought about by various methods such as evaporation, cooling and pH change. In terms of the equipment needed, controllability is paramount.

We supply reactor vessel systems with excellent fine control of stirring and temperature control as well as accurate logging and display of all necessary parameters. Vessels can be supplied in optically clear borosilicate glass or glass-lined steel for improved temperature control but with an upper glass section allowing visual observation of the crystal formation.

Stirring is enabled by one a wide range of stirrer motors and shapes which we manufacture specifically for the task or can be made to your specification. For temperature control we also match and supply the thermostat depending on your process requirements. Relevant accessories we also manufacture include pH monitoring and control, addition burettes and Nutsche filters which could enable downstream filtration.