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Products marked as: Hydrogenation Application

bpc2-gas-control-unitHydrogenation is one of a series of basic reaction types available to the chemist and describes the reduction of an unsaturated substrate (such as an alkene) by the addition of hydrogen atoms often in the presence of a metal catalyst at elevated temperature and pressure. It is commonly performed in research, development and manufacturing within the pharmaceutical, oil, agrichemical and food industries.

The equipment needed includes pressure rated vessels, a gas dosing system and a thermostat able to provide good temperature control. In addition, the hydrogen dispersal can be maximised by the use of hollow-shafted, gas entrainment stirrers (commonly called Rushton turbines). For heterogeneous hydrogenation the metal catalyst (palladium or platinum for example) can be contained within a catalyst basket.

Ken Kimble has already supplied a large number of complete systems (from 10ml to 200L in scale) to industry and academia. A key feature of our pressure equipment is that it is built in Switzerland to all relevant European safety standards. This is critical as the hydrogenation process presents a number of hazards such as pressure, explosive gas, pyrophoric catalyst and flammable solvent.

The following is a complete list of equipment we supply but please contact our experienced technical sales team so that we can support you with your hydrogenation project.